Monday, July 14, 2008

Meatpaper Issue 4 and Summer Feast

So I really like this new(ish) journal called Meatpaper. Meatpaper is a "journal of meat culture" detailing meat,s many cultural implications. The fourth issue of Meatpaper was just published, and my friend Will Payne has an article in this most recent issue where he talks about landscapes made of meat, specifically comparing the National Cattleman's Beef Association's (NCBA)most recent add campaign with the collage art of Nicolas Lampert.

Meatpaper is thought provoking, visually engaging, and informative. They also have fun fun food-related celebrations; specifically, they are having a gathering this coming Sunday at Perbacco Restaurant in conjunction with Gastronomica, The Journal of Food and Culture. Both vegetarian and carnivorous selections will be served. Come and embrace the omnivorous consumption!


James said...

i've heard of this mag before and was interested but have never gone out and found - easy to find around the city? sounds great

Jacky said...

I got my copy at Modern Times Bookstore; I think I might have gotten the last copy though. I am pretty sure you can also get it at Dog Eared books on Valencia and at Farley's in Potrero. It's a really great magazine to read, so I recommend :)