Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cows are now eating chocolate for feed!

My dad sent me this video today from the Wall Street Journal about the effects of the rising costs of corn fed cattle. The most alarming bit of information I found to be the fact that some farmers are substituting chocolate (yes, chocolate, as in Mars) for corn feed. Chocolate (as a major part of one's diet) isn't healthy for humans who have omnivorous digestive systems suitable for the consumption of a much great variety of foods; why do cattle farmers think that cows, whose digestive system has evolved to digest grass, should be eating chocolate? Sort of an argument for grass fed beef, yes?


pd said...

i love grass fed beef for the same reason i love gasoline - it's so expensive. most people can't afford it and if it was the only realistic option our country would be much more efficient with its agricultural resources, not to mention the fact our sky would have a better chance at healing itself.

another good post.

Jacky said...

Fortunately, we live in the Bay Area, where we have access to grass fed and natural beef and other meet products. While it is not the entire country, it's a start; here's a link I found of some (sort of) local farms: http://www.wisefoodways.com/bay/meat.php

Marin Sun Farms (http://www.marinsunfarms.com/meatclub.html), for example, is a CSA farm and has two drop off in SF a month.

Daniela said...

this is extremely disturbing, but not altogether surprising in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Four years later, its happening again! Chocolate and mexican food. Wow. I have a crazy solution... now bare with me... GO VEGETARIAN. Yes! Go veg and cut back on your corn intake. Its all GMO spermacidal corn anyway. Leave more grains for the cows. Let them eat that crap, and then dont eat the cows. Works for me, been vegetarian 8 months now, and I feel AWESOME.