Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ice Cream Man!

About two years ago, I had my first run in with the Ice Cream Man at a concert in SF, and it was a totally glorious surprise. The Ice Cream Man travels around the country giving free ice cream away to individuals, because "it makes people happy." The funding for this venture comes from advertisers, sponsors, advertisers, and promotions, and, to date, Matt Allen, the founder, and his crew have given away 125,000 treats. Yesterday, I had my second time with Matt Allen, the founder of Ice Cream Man, and the experience could not have been more splendid.

I love ice cream; my first job was in an ice cream shop and after two years of free ice cream and ten pounds gained, I still loved the creamy, icy goodness. Partly nostalgic and partly glutenous, my love of ice cream lives on, my favorite spot in SF being Bi-Rite Creamery where I will often suggest meeting for an after work cone to replace the after work drink.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in South Park, and, after enjoying a tasty chicken and blue cheese salad from South Park Cafe, the Ice Cream Man arrived at 1:30 pm and my friend Peter and I joined the line of South Park techies and Current employees. I got an ice cream sandwich while Peter for one of those cones things with the chocolate on top. On such a hot day, it was so lovely to cool off with those cool, creamy bights; this coupled with the novel surprise of free ice cream at my usual lunch spot, I left my lunch hour a very happy camper. Ice Cream Man, you make my day.

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