Sunday, February 1, 2009

PETA Makes News Again, This Time for their "Not Fit For TV" Superbowl Ad

With the Superbowl officially upon us, I thought I would share the PETA ad that was rejected by NBC from the Superbowl because of its not-fit-for-TV sexual nature and for its slanderous objectification of females. The ad is pretty gross, but what is even grosser is that PETA is actually saying their ad was "banned" so that the ad will get more free publicity. NBC told PETA that its ad could air with a few editorial changes and if they paid for the spot; clearly, since the ad time is a few million dollars, PETA wanted the free publicity without the editorial changes.

Whoopi Goldberg also does a pretty hilarious impersonation of the ad on the View; haha. See it here:

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Lo said...

Interesting. I hadn't caught this news in the press... glad I stumbled over, you have some interesting stuff here.