Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seagull Eats Pigeon! WHAT?

While this weekend was filled with glutenous consumption of gourmet food, thoughtful considerations of the origins of this food, and brainstorming for solutions, I saw a Seagull tearing apart a pigeon when I was leaving Saturday's events. It seemed a little odd, and my friend Kenneth remarked that he didn't think that it was natural for Seagulls, or all birds for that matter, to eat other birds. Well, sadly, after my Google search revealed that this has happened before, not only with Seagulls but with Pelicans, and instead of a dead Pigeon, it was a live one. Still, however, Kenneth was right: Pigeons are not part of a Seagulls' natural diet. In any event, the video is a little crazy, and I think the location of the occurrence right in front of the Slow Food Victory Garden is sort of entertaining.


Daniela said...

how a propos!!

Kestelnon said...

I was scarred for life by this incident. Mother nature is dead.